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Super small town but amazingly beautiful with the lake reaching away from the towns shores towards some towering cliffs and ravines in the distance — spectacular came to mind in that first look. Easy slope, plenty of ramp length and depth — docks on both sides of the boat. Then it was motor across the bay to the Bitter End Marina — left at the houseboat with the tarp over the deck, hug the brown houseboat holding cocktail hour and slip along the fingers to a reserved slip right near the ramp — this out of towner status has its benefits.

After a short trip up to Sand Point and yes, another micro-brewery, it was time to find a place to stay, well, a place to park and camp for the weekend. Check this out.

Goat on a Boat

There are two bars a 2 minute walk from the marina where the boat is tied up and what do you think we find right between the two bars? Yep, a campground. As you can imagine more good times were had that night than a normal person should have and then morning came quick. At the gun the Ultimate 20 Black Sheep and us nailed the downwind start but the sheep had more speed going in so pulled away on the reach.

Don’t let them get your goat, ideas for floating your boat!

Soon, though, it was running time and the pole back boat had the advantage until we got even with the Ultimate 20 and realized the two of us were now leading the fleet and we, on More Uff Da, had no idea where the mark was out there — advantage still to the Ultimate.. Granted we were a bit distracted with the views and were looking hard to find the goats on the cliffs.

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We never did see any live goats but there was an incident Sunday involving a goat ride on a picnic table — a story for another time…. More Uff Da ended up first across the finish line after the long upwind beat. Holding off the Ultimate 20 to the end — what a beautiful place to sail! Race two had a more standard upwind start and we nailed it, albeit 3 seconds late which the skipper was, of course, flogged senseless for and somehow we paid better attention on the downwind, remembered where the mark was and were able to stay in front of Black Sheep the entire way for another first to finish.

The ultimate is a fast boat, and they seemed to be good sailors, but they were sailing with just 2 so the upwind first and third leg gave the advantage to the boat with 4 is all we can figure. Race 3 had another downwind start then on out to the far mark and the Black Sheep had us from the start to the leeward mark.


The wind began to lighten and now their 2 sailor plan was paying off big time. I chose to lean towards the middle as the wind died but the Ultimate hit the right shore hard and once things got to the finger licking point their move paid off as they ghosted around the final mark and slid off to the finish while we flogged around mercilessly until finally finishing 16 minutes after the Ultimate.

Race 4 looked like it was going to be an upwind start but by our start gun the wind had shifted degrees and we had a solid 6 knots coming from the other direction. Goats must not be fed animal meal or fish meal. This is to prevent the spread of bovine spongiform encephalopathy BSE disease agent.

Artificial methods of rearing goats

Regular assessment should be made of the needs of the goats in relation to the quantity and quality of feed. This can be done by weighing goats and using a condition scoring system regularly. Fat scoring Goats. Goats prefer longer species of grass than sheep and will avoid clovers.

Dairy goats require supplementary feeding to meet their additional nutrition needs while producing milk. Suitable supplementary feeds include crushed oats, barley or goat mixes. Good nutrition is especially vital for young goats, growing goats and does during pregnancy and lactation. It is common for goats that are kept in schools to be confined to a small space with minimal natural forage. In this case supplementary feeding is essential and providing the goats with a variety of fodder types is preferable if optimum health and digestion is to be achieved. When providing supplementary feeds, the rule is to introduce new food types slowly and carefully, do not feed excessive grains, feed plenty of high quality roughage and feed small amounts at frequent intervals.

Hay or pasture should be freely available to dairy animals with concentrates fed at milking times and once per day for all other animals. This is the year of the wood sheep.

47 Goat Puns That Aren’t So Baaaaaaaad (If You’ve Goat The Time)

The five elements borrowed from Chinese astrology, along with the zodiac animal, can supposedly predict what's to come in the new year. And there's a gender.

Female year tend to be much more sort of peaceful than, say, male. Male is aggressive, and female will be more calm. Their animal is the blue female sheep. Myagmariin Saruul-Erdene, who teaches Mongolian at the Foreign Service Institute, says the sheep is culturally important. So, for example, Mongolians prefer mutton better than goat meat. But when the goats eat them, they just take everything, so next year they will be, like, no more grass.

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WANG: Next year's zodiac animal will be somewhat easier to figure out. View the discussion thread. Related Program:. Morning Edition. Share Tweet Email. Will the real animal please stand up?