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Stephen Donald Huff

He is not exactly a criminal but has a confused grasp of car ownership. His real name is Simon Wrigley.

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His reaction to those who are surprised a black kid has such "uncool" hobbies varies from amusement to irritation. When faced with genuine racism he has a brittle anger that manifests itself in cold, almost emotionlessly delivered sarcasm. Kirsty - Unlike the rest of the gang, Kirsty is a highly organised person who knows exactly where she wants to go in life. She is highly intelligent but has very poor people skills, something she views as a character flaw in everyone else. She is trying to get Johnny's life organised since he is clearly incapable of doing it himself, but has not realised that he does not especially want his life organised.

He finds her very easy to talk to since she never listens. She is the only female member of the gang.

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In the book, Johnny changes history so that no-one dies in the Paradise Street bombing. However, the TV series has this as the original history, which the gang inadvertently changes on their first visit to the past. In the history thus created, Simon was jailed in the Tower of London for being a Nazi spy though he is later released; Johnny's grandmother was killed, meaning he no longer exists.

When Johnny faces his own grandfather, he mistakes him for an intruder. She is then saved due to the alarm going off and Johnny exists again. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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