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Read more. Con el tiempo, la HBP puede causar serios problemas. Read about this topic in English.

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Kevin's Loan - Kevin is ready to open up his own business, but first he must take a step in applying for a loan and the process begins. The Outburst The investigation begins after Oscar receives a mysterious phone call that leads to a very public outburst. PASO 2: Conozca los factores clave de la diabetes.. Search Recent Posts. Overall, avoiding ambiguity is our responsibility as writers.

While the second version avoids the obvious potential for misreading found in the first, the third may be better overall. Consistency is a useful principle when making style decisions. It took me a long time to get over my belief that the serial comma was inherently better. I believed this for years, and that was before I went to work for Oxford University Press, where it is house style.

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My editorial eyes are deeply attuned to it, and its absence trips me up every single time. But that just shows the limits of our own expectations.

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The serial comma is only better in a world where it is expected to appear. The only surefire solution is a world in which everyone does everything the same way, which is implausible and slightly creepy. The best we can do is choose our way and stick to it consistently, so our readers—consciously or unconsciously—become accustomed to our punctuation habits.

While the Oxford comma may seem more like a punchline than a punctuation mark at this point, I think that there is something important in this conversation. Writing requires us to make choices far more often than it demands simple rule following. And those choices should be made based on our best understanding of style conventions and reader expectations.

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The serial comma shows us the limits of expectation, but it also confirms the importance of making informed and consistent decisions about academic writing style. I was very surprised recently when I submitted my first paper of my PhD to an Australian journal. In the copy edit phase, they removed all of my Oxford commas and changed my Australian British spelling to US spelling. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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