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Beneath Ceaseless Skies Issue #105, Fourth Anniversary Double-­Issue

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BCS is out, featuring two dark pieces, one by a multiple-time BCS author and one by an author new to the magazine. Next issue will be our Fifth Anniversary Double-Issue! Three authors but only two stories? Feist novels. BCS is out, featuring two new BCS authors, new cover art, a guest-narrated podcast, and a signed novel giveaway. To learn more or to enter, visit this post.

I think the only book of his that ever really moved me, and I say this a huge Known Space fan, was Inferno , and that's a Pournelle collaboration. So, does anyone known of any other efforts to create totally rational fantasy? I know I must be missing some obvious ones 'cause that's the way my brain works. Let me know as well as you're take on the whole idea of rational fantasy. This past week's music was indeed a healthy dose of Ocean Colour Scene, perhaps the lone survivor of England's trad-rock phase from the mid-nineties Paul Weller doesn't count, being much of the inspiration for the whole genre itself.


Not digging them so much, but some interesting other bands got mentioned and I'm checking them out now. Thursday, October 17, God Stalk by P. Hodgell and other ramblings. Just reread P. Hodgell's God Stalk for the, I dunno, seventh or eight time. I enjoyed it so much that I think I'm going to make the effort to finish reading the rest of the series.

How to Write Flash Fiction: Author Interview Maria Haskins

I've read half of it leaving me one long book and two short ones to go. Reading the book got me to thinking about what makes a book one that draws me back to it again and again over the years. Maybe I'm exposing myself as a shallow reader with poor taste, but I don't care. I've read them at various stages in my life, as a teenager and an adult and never been disappointed. Do these books possess something in common that makes me love them? Well, yes, all are fantastic.

What I'm Reading

Not a mundane plot in the bunch. The imagination invested in all these books is staggering. Whether it's Tolkien's reworking the themes of Northern European myths, Pratchett and Hodgell playing with the tropes of modern fantasy fiction, or Bulgakov's meshing together ancient history with grim Soviet reality into a blackly comical tapestry, I'm astounded each time I read these books. I think that's not it, though.

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  • Untot - Sie sind zurück und hungrig (German Edition)?
  • Forbidden Desires (Bondage & Breakfast).
  • Zachary Taylor: The American Presidents Series: The 12th President, 1849-1850?
  • Wie verhalten sich Norm und Handlungsmotivation zueinander? (German Edition);
  • Barn Burner (Jubilant Falls series Book 1);

It's the characters that grab me an hold me. Jame's curiosity and determination to make a place for herself, Margarita's struggle to save the Master and Pilate's to do the right thing and save Yeshua and the travails of all the Ring Party.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies |

These characters resonate with me in ways that I'm not sure I fully understand. Maybe if I was a closer critic of the texts I could figure out exactly how each author captures my attention, but I'm not sure I want to. More interesting than really good, they're still fun enough to not make me feel like I'm wasting my time.

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  5. I've meant to read it for years but didn't. Overall, it's a decent book.

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    Nothing special but I didn't feel like I'd wasted the five or six hours I spent on it. In fact the story of how it came to be is even better than the book. According to Abbey, she was going to pick up Gordon Dickson for a convention had a bad accident. He was still half-asleep. The sound of a distant horn rolled through the forest, echoed by another note from nearer at hand. What is it? Podcast: Download Duration: — Current Issue.

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    Issue — Nov. Swimming Apart. Deania appreciated the apology, but it was as heavy as everything else about this meeting. The Forge.