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I made gelliprints about poppies to cover the box. I love to experiment with the gelliplate and add layer on top of other layers. Fun is, that if you don't like the result, you just put another layer over it and sometimes even magic happens :. In the different layers on the gelliprints I used real Poppyflower leaves from my garden as masks and made a positive and negative print in one.

With leftover packaging plastic I made masks of Poppyseedboxes. While I was drawing them on the plastic I had real Poppyseedboxes on my table. I discovered that each different Poppy in my garden also has a different shape in their seed boxes.


So by doing this I became smarter in botanical knowledge! Mostly I use my stencils I have from the crafters workshop, but the masks from Tim were a bit snowed under in my drawers I use the cardboard box as a base, but make small display boxes by making them with sheets of sturdy cardboard. I mostly make 1 larger one and two square ones, but if I use them all or how I use them depends on the project itself.. I had place in the box to display a dried poppyseedbox from my garden, but still show enough of the gelliprints. In the large box on top are more dried seed boxes.

I cut one open to show the inside structure. Another one was also cut in half but I added gloss accents so the seeds stays in the seed box. I gathered some in a glass vial, others are ready to be sew in my garden again to give me new Poppies next summer. I don't know if and how you can dry the flowers themselves After all the gelliprinting I had paint residues on the gelliplate.

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I added a layer of white paint and this is the paper I ended up with!! This is one of the gorgeous results of gel printing you can't plan in advance, but I love this kind of cleaning up my gelliplate! My mom got her box and was very pleased with it. If found its place in her home next to her white poppy paintings. I love poppies I had some birthdays around me and I made them all a flying easel card, everyone with a special touch.

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I love flying easel cards, although in these cards there is nothing really flying, but I use the "open space" a flying easel card has. I started with a gelliplate print of poppyseeds. I'm completely hooked on my gelliplate and made a lots of prints that I also use in my projects. I have a new hero arts stamp with poppies I stamped the poppies with a permanent ink on watercolor paper and colored them with distress markers. Another current addiction.. To let the card stand up, I stamped on shrinking plastic, cut it out and colored the poppy with distress marker and shrinked it..

She's currently working on a whole series of paintings and drawings of white poppies for the exhibition she will have next year.

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She got this card from me with a white poppy, but she also got something else with a white poppy.. Here again a poppycard, but this time the background was stamped with the background "marble" of Tim Holtz which I colored in with distress markers and then stamped off on the card.

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I love how you can color in the poppies in any color you want. Never had a Himalaya poppy with the gorgeous blue color in my garden, but I do have red, orange, pink, raspberry colored poppies.. I had another birthday and although I think she would like a poppycard, she got a special one for her. The lady is a former teacher and huge Peter Rabbit addict and every year I make her a " Peter Rabbit" card.

Although I only have 3 stamps with Peter Rabbit, I amaze myself how you can differ every time a card with "only three stamps" In it, the butterfly and dragonfly die of Tim Holtz, but also his small butterfly and confetti strip dies!! My fingers are itching to experiment with them all, but some of the tiny butterflies found a space on this card. Do you remember that I told you in my previous blogpost about a big box full of "throw-away" cardboardboxes?

My husband once said : "never marry a teacher After 27 years of marriage.. HE is the one who brings stuff home for me.. I think I got him infected I already upcycled some of them into "cabinets", but here is the promised 4th project : a Graphic 45 typography cabinet I used the cardboardbox as the big cabinet and made 3 little cardboardboxes myself with a sheet of sturdy cardboard. On the right you see the closure I made with a hitchfastener from Tim Holtz and a leather strap I cut with his "metal findings"die.

I added some stamps and rub-ons on the plastic to add some interest, but it doesn't blur the view.

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  5. In the larger box on top of the cabinet I added some metal parts of an old typemachine I have. It's a bit broke, but I couldn't throw these parts in the bin. I also resized the typewriterprint to fit the box. She has lots of other nice paperstuff too. I already made 8 of them The past months have been difficult because of healthproblems and every time I thought I was back again But I don't complain I'm feeling better now than I was since months, so I cherish these days.

    It's also vacation now, so there is more time to slow down and rest if needed and I finally have the feeling I get more done then just the "basics". And I'm happy to say I can create a lot again! So I have lots to show and tell and hopefully I will be able to share it with you on a more regular base than the past months. I'm in the designteam of my local craftshop and now and then I get soms stuff, mostly papers, to create something "as I wish".

    Although I think there are scrapbookpapers to die for I rarely buy it, because they are too beautiful to cut apart I glued papers of Graphic 45 on the stand and added more stamps, inked the edges with distress inks The typewriter is a beauty I bought on Etsy from SkyGoodies.

    It normally is a deskcalendar and I made it like that, but I also resized it several times to use it in another scale and on different projects. This one was inked over with distress inks and distress markers and then I made it look old and tattered by the chipped enameltechnique. The text is from a graphic 45 paper and I added some splatters with Tim Holtz layeringstencil.

    The inkbottle is a small glass bottle from Tim Holtz in which I poured real ink so the sides got coated and then I poured the ink out again. I let it dry. A feather found in my garden that I used in my gelprinting as a mask, but now it has a beautiful color that suited my bell jarproject perfectly.

    The luminary itself was made with a Graphic 45 paper. Edges were inked with distress inks and I added two old pens on the front.

    I left the front side open so you can have a peek inside. Left and right opening are see through, but I added a piece of packaging plastic on which I stamped with a Tim Holtz stamps and Sta-zon ink to give it some interest. The typewriter, inkbottles, pencilbox,.. I added some more text on the card with a stamp and added numbers with one of Tim Holtz layering stencils. The tag "dream" was also from the Graphic 45 papers, but I added a quote from Tim Holtz, the pointing hand and splatters. If you have a first look you don't notice them but the splatters in distress ink add so much more depth on the paper label.

    I added a filmrollstrip on which I stamped with a textstamp and stazon. This is the best ink for sleek surfaces. The little branch is a Tim Holtz die from watercolorpaper, which I gave color with distress markers and spritzed with water. I love how the colors wick into each other. She was born at home in the presence of my housedoctor Bruno and midwife Geert, brother Freek then 4 years old and Aran 2 years old were there too, accompagnied by my mom-in-law.

    The River War: An Account of the Reconquest of the Sudan by Winston S. Churchill

    I couldn't have done it without my husband Wienne, who was there all the time and on 18 may , at Of course giving birth is intense but it was a good, very peaceful birth in our own house. All good memories On the front of the card was a drawing, made by a friend where little creatures look into the circle to see her name "Gaia". Gaia changed her black hairs from her birth a lot the past years, but she's still a special one :.

    As she's creative and draws and paints a lot I made her a card in her pinks and blues and with paintbrushes. I enjoyed my daughter as a little child, as a teenager and now I'm enjoying her seeing her go her own path in life as an adult. I could use some healing thoughts sometimes, but I'm not asking them for me but for little baby Ruth She is born on the 24 th of february and as a proud aunt, my collegue told us all about the little new girl in the family.

    Past sunday I got a devastating textmessage: "if I could make something for the parents of Ruth because on friday, two days before she became 1 month old, she was diagnozed with acute leucemia A routine investigation suddenly turned the life of this young family completely upside down in an instant.. She has some chance to survive and hopefully she does, but it will be a very tough long road.. Very skilled doctors, nurses with angelhands, people and friends who can support the family and help them carry this heavy burden, So, I need healing thoughts of you all How could I make something for this family that expresses how I feel about their grieve, how can I , as a stranger for them, mean something for them..?

    I have my muse and my creativity A 3D heart made from honeycombpaper Ruth has a little big sister of 3 years old I added a battery operated candle, so whenever they want it, this big sister can light the candle. For the moment this family's life looks like a dark forest, but hopefully they can see the light now and then between the trees and the leaves. But when the torns hurt The lantern is on a little heartplate and surrounded by other little animals, representing all the people, wherever they come from, whoever they are I'm almost never on photos and never take a selfie, but how I looked yesterdayevening The reason for this outfit is that I had to do a sleep-monitoring-test or how do you call such thing Having trouble with my energy more and more and crashing now and then I'm home from work since december..

    I had lots of sweet and funny comments on my selfie and a lot of you also wished me a good night. I knew when the sun was coming up, cause I heard the birds.. This was a night like I have a lot at home, so I really hope they see something and can give me good advice or help for a more energy-giving and recuperative sleep.